By registering yourself, you can benefit from the exclusive services we offer. This will help you save a lot of time, effort and money whenever you wish to send money overseas.

We are required to implement anti-money laundering policies and procedures in line with the specific requirements outlined within each country or jurisdiction in which we operate and also adhere to all money transfer regulations governing our industry. In the same way as banks, these regulations require us to perform 'Know Your Client' (KYC) checks on all our clients before allowing them to transfer money through ERemit. We are thus required (at a minimum) to collect and verify a valid ‘Photo ID’ and a valid ‘Proof of Address’ documents from clients.

You may start using our services immediately after you sign-up. However, payments to your overseas recipients can be released only after successful verification of your profile and receipt of cleared funds by us.


Anytime, since ERemit is an online service available to you 24 X 7.

There is no limit for the amount you can send through ERemit, if you can submit satisfactory documents to prove source of funds/ income.

Yes, you may transfer funds 'in advance' to us, prior to booking a transfer request.

Our high exchange rates and low fees mean your family and friends get more when you send money through ERemit. You can decide exactly how much they should receive, because we show you the amount before you send it.

This depends on the country you are sending to. The fee we charge is much lower than that charged by high street banks and other money transfer services. You can even send money for no fees to select destinations and/or take advantage of our special promotional offers. To check the exact fees for your desired transfer, simply go to the Home Page, then choose the country you are interested in. On the 'Calculator' you will be able to calculate your fees and know the current exchange rate.

You can lock/book the rates by submitting a Transfer Request online. The rates once booked are binding and we will remit the exact pay-out amounts as confirmed to you in the transfer receipt, without any deductions.

The rate you are offered will be dependent upon a number of factors including

  • The exchange rate prevailing in the currency markets at the time of purchase
  • The currencies you are buying and selling and the volatility of those currencies
  • The amount of money you are transferring etc.

ERemit has an experienced and professional team who monitor the currency markets round the clock, striving to provide you the best exchange rates always.

ERemit offers an online system operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can book a foreign exchange rate online as follows.

  • Login using your User ID and Password.
  • Select a 'Country' and type in the Amount you want to send and click on 'Continue'.

The system will then quote you a live foreign exchange rate based on the current interbank foreign exchange rate in the market. ERemit aims to offer you the very best foreign exchange rates, lowest costs and the best service available in the market today.

ERemit charges you very low fees or no fees at all, where as banks collect high transfer fees. Besides this, you save a lot on foreign exchange, since ERemit quotes better exchange rates. The amount you save will depend mostly on the amount you are sending. However, on average the amount saved by using ERemit rather than your bank could be up to two per cent. So on $10,000, this could equate to a saving of $200 on the exchange rate alone. It’s also worth remembering that due to their branch networks, the high street banks usually set their exchange rates once or twice a day. To make sure they remain profitable they have to increase their margins (i.e. poor rates for customers) to allow for intraday exchange rate volatility. By providing close - to - market exchange rates, we are able to give you a chance to save money.

When you submit a transfer request, we would either debit your account with us if sufficient funds are available or you would be complete the payment using Internet Transfer, PayID etc.

Yes, you can apply for cancellation or amendment of a transfer if the transfer is still under processing. If the payment has already been effected to the recipient, we may not be able to amend/cancel the transfer request or retrieve the funds. Please refer item 8, 9 and 10 of our Terms & Conditions for more details.

We may cancel your Transfer Request In exceptional situations like

(a) When we are unable to proceed with the transfer for whatsoever reason or

(b) The payment could not be delivered to the recipient by our overseas correspondent.

Besides a standard cancellation fee, you may also incur costs on account of currency conversions, charges/deductions by overseas banks and payment partners. Please refer item 9 and 10 of our Terms & Conditions for more details.

As a remittance service provider, we are required to implement anti-money laundering policies and procedures in line with prevailing regulations. In the same way as banks, these regulations require us to perform checks on all our clients and monitor transactions before transferring money through ERemit. We are thus required to collect and verify valid ‘Proof of source of income/wealth’ documents from customers. We do this meticulously to ensure that genuine customers can send money through us without any fear or worry.

The documents you submit should clearly establish you as the rightful owner of the funds and that the transfer is legitimate.

If you are transferring your funds from your bank account, a copy of the relevant page of your bank statement showing you as the account holder and evidencing the transfer you make to us should suffice.

Alternatively, you may submit any other valid documents like, salary or pay slips, loan or sale agreement etc.

In certain cases, when your total remittance exceeds the threshold limit in the preceding 30 days, you may be required to submit satisfactory documents to prove source of income.

As a remittance service provider, we are required to implement anti-money laundering policies and procedures in line with prevailing regulations. In the same way as banks, these regulations require us to perform checks on all our clients and monitor transactions before transferring money through ERemit. We are thus required to collect and verify this information.

The ‘purpose of transfer’ declared by you must conform to the regulations in force both in Australia as well as in the recipient’s country. For eg. Our services cannot be used for making payments for ‘charity/donations’ to India, or for making ‘business transfers’ to certain other countries. More importantly, your transfer should be for legitimate purposes.

  • Go to your banking application or your online banking portal.
  • Select the ‘Pay’ or ‘Pay Anyone’ option.
  • Now, click on the bank account from which you want to transfer your funds and then click on ‘Select payee or add new’.
  • Copy and paste the details provided on the ERemit platform (BSB/ Account number).
  • Type in the amount that you wish to transfer and click on Pay.
  • Entering your mobile number as reference is optional.

Note: To avoid delays in processing your transactions please pay the total amount including the fee.

  • Login to your online banking account via app or web .
  • Navigate to Pay anyone (this may vary from bank to bank).
  • Select your account from which you want to make the payment.
  • Add your payee from your contact list or you can type in the mobile number,0420333000.
  • The bank will display that you are paying to Smart Payments. This Means that your funds will reach ERemit's account.
  • Enter the amount you must pay ERemit.
  • Your mobile number is what we will use to identify you. You must enter your mobile number as a message/reference for us to identify your payment.


If the beneficiary confirms that the funds are not reflecting in their bank account even by End Of Day on the expected payment date, you should immediately inform us through the ERemit portal/App. Our support team will pursue the matter and keep you informed. In order to avoid such situations, we advise you to double check the beneficiary details you submit to us in your transfer requests.

Yes. ERemit has a well-defined Privacy Policy to protect your personal information. We collect minimum required personal information for successful completion of your transfer request and to comply with regulations.

Yes. Here are a few tips:

  • Never send money to a stranger using a money transfer service.
  • Do NOT believe any offers (lottery, prize claim, inheritance, etc.) that require a fee or money to be paid up front. Always make sure you know who you are sending money to and take care to preserve your transfer receipt. If you are purchasing goods or services, always verify the legitimacy of the seller. We cannot, ensure that you will receive goods or services that you are paying for via the ERemit Service.
  • ERemit do not offer any escrow services, acting as a third-party referee, taking payment from buyers but not releasing the money to sellers until the goods are delivered.
  • Any emails requesting for payment instructions relating to the above mentioned issues are not genuine even if it contains our name and logo.

Keep your passwords, financial, and other personal information safe and protected from impostors. Passwords are a first line of protection against any unauthorized access into your account. The stronger the password, the better. Please do not share your sensitive personal information with others.

Always choose a money transfer provider like ERemit which has a dedicated team constantly monitoring and preventing fraud to safeguard the customers and their hard earned money. ERemit is a reliable money remittance platform from Australia, which is registered with Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) and with AUSTRAC.

Wiring money through your bank will not necessarily make your transfer any safer and using your bank could cost you a great deal.

When you sign up with ERemit, you are assured to get bank level security for your money transfer, since our overseas payment partners are generally leading banks in the respective countries. Further, the technology deployed by us provides us direct and secure connectivity with the overseas banks’ systems.

Finally, we use the same SWIFT network that banks use for transferring your funds to overseas countries.


Each time a friend you referred to ERemit completes a transaction, both you and your friend earn ER points, which is credited to your ‘ERewards’. Your friend can either use the referral code or click on the invite link you shared to mark your referral.

No limits at all. Refer as many friends as you like and earn as they complete their first transaction.

You can only refer a friend once.

All bonus ER points will be credited to your account once your referrals successfully complete their first transaction.

They will receive the bonus the same way you do – as ER points. Both you and your friend will get the ER points for the referral at the moment the friend completes his first transaction. Your friend will also get additional ER points when they complete their registration with us.

ER points earned from successful referrals would be added to your ERewards. You can redeem them anytime – It can be in your next transaction or in any transaction of your choice.

The redeemed ER points can be used for your next money transfer with us.

No, the ER points can be redeem any time as you wish.