Earn $5 for every referral

You and your friend will get $5 after their first transaction with ERemit. Your friend will get an additional $1 when they join ERemit.

ERewards Features

Our ERewards referral program gives you an opportunity to earn just by referring your friends!

All you need to do is to add friends. You can refer as many friends as you wish and you are rewarded for every referred person who transacts with us.

  • 1. Limitless Refer as many as you wish. Enjoy unlimited benefits.
  • 2. Ease Add friends using their email address, mobile number or via social media!
  • 3. Track View online statements of your referral history and the status of your referred friends.
  • 4. Add on Option to add the ERewards referral credit to remittance amount.
  • 5. No time expiryThe ERewards points you earn wil have no expiry.

How it works?

ERewards is simple. As soon as your referral completes their first transaction, we credit 50 ERewards points to you and your friend’s EReward account.

You can later redeem the EReward points for cash and use it for your next money transfer with us.

1Refer a friend

2 Get 50 EReward points equivalent to $5 when your friend transacts

3 Redeem anytime, any amount


2 Get 10 EReward points equivalent to $1 on registration

3 Transact

4 Get 50 EReward points equivalent to $5 on transaction

5 Redeem anytime, any amount